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We work with various lenders directly to provide non-traditional business loans. We offer several products and can submit clients to over 75+ lenders with one application. Typically, for unsecured loans, we have seen funding for about 50-80% of the total monthly gross revenue (or up to 10% of the annual gross revenue). 

From SBA loans to lines of credit, and even equipment financing, business owners can access different financing programs in one place. My partner program has helped clients secure over $2B in financing since 2007, and more importantly, helped entrepreneurs save time and grow faster. 

What are the benefits?

NOTE: These may vary by product.

  1. Same Day Funding for Lines of Credit and Business Advances 
  2. Approvals within 24 hours, Funding Process 4-8 Weeks for SBA Loans
  3. No Industry Restrictions for Equipment Financing 
  4. Monthly Payments Available 
  5. No Prepayment Penalty 
  6. Reports to Business Credit Bureaus 
  7. As mentioned above, we can submit clients to 75+ lenders and for multiple products at once, and all approved options are presented. 
  8. If you are a banker, we do NOT require your clients to move their deposit/bank relationships to get funded.

What is required to get funded?

NOTE: These may vary by product.

  1. 1-Year/2-Years in Business (varies by product) 
  2. Min. $10k monthly gross revenue 
  3. Min. 550-660 FICO (varies by product)
  4. No Min. FICO Score for Collateralized Programs 
  5. And apart from the SBA Loans, we typically only need the last 3-to-6-months of bank statements and a signed application for review. 

Please use the Contact Us option for your free consultation. Let's get you, your clients, and business associates funded! 

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